Pete Lukas - Web Design & Graphic Design

Mark Crooks 'After You've Gone'

British clarinet player's new CD which I designed and did all the photography.

Alison Neale and Gary Kavanagh 'Blue Concept'

Alto and trumpet partners new CD for which I did all the design and photography. Artwork was done in Illustrator.

PR Week 'Buffalo Communications Insert'

An 8 page booklet designed in the style of PR Week with diagrams etc created in illustrator. Artwork created in Indesign.

Outsource Group 'Programme Cover'

Designed and created in Photoshop.

Sourcing Focus 'Launch Flyer'

To highlight the launch of a new website, I created a flyer in illustrator.

Buffalo Communications 'Brochure Cover'

Brief was to create something fresh whilst using some elements of their current branding.

Jim Tomlinson 'The Lyric'

An award winning saxophonist wanted a design for his CD that would incorporate the photography which was previously taken. The artwork was done in Illustrator and photos were retouched in Photoshop

Pete Lukas 'Arrival'

I recently recorded my first CD and created my own design. Artwork was done in Illustrator, Photography was done by a friend, and retouched in Photoshop.

Mark Crooks 'How My Heart Sings'

A saxophonist / clarinetist for whom I designed and created the artwork in Illustrator. Photography was by me and retouched in Photoshop.

Tesco Flowers Magazine Advertisement

The advert required the product to be photographed by me and retouched in Photoshop. Artwork was created in Illustrator

Tesco Leaflet

This was a magazine and in-store leaflet which was double sided and created in Illustrator. It was an occasion where the design was a template to be used when out-sourcing work to agencies.

Tesco Leaflet

A seasonal in-store and door drop leaflet which was created in Illustrator and the photography was retouched in Photoshop.

Coulier Creatures

This was a full page advertisement that would be used in a UK Film Industry index book. Artwork was created in Illustrator and photography retouched in Photoshop.

Tesco Hanging Banner

This was a very large banner to go in all stores to promote a campaign that Tesco were running. Artwork was created in Illustrator and the photo retouched in Photoshop.

Delia 'This Moment In Time'

The client provided the photographs which required retouching and colouring in Adobe Photoshop. The floral illustration was created in Adobe illustrator as was the final artwork.