Pete Lukas - Web Design & Graphic Design

Tesco Direct

For the launch of Tesco Direct in August 2006, I designed a site from scratch, the design was to follow on from an all new Tesco catalogue that was to be launched simultaneously. The brief was to redesign the navigational elements of the site and create a whole new look to create a more 'lifestyle feel'.

Launch site

Tesco Wine Club

The brief was to design a wine site which would appeal to customers with varying degrees of knowledge about wine. It had to both educate but still offer great deals on all types of wine. The content of the Tesco Wine Magazine was to be incorporated into monthly refreshes, so I created templates to ensure that graphical elements and HTML text worked in harmony, whilst still being easy to navigate for the customer. Close attention was paid to making sure that the design incorporated as many elements as possible for better Search Engine Optimisation.

Launch site

Tesco DVD & Games Rental

The brief was for the design to incorporate the new navigational elements of Tesco Direct and to give the elements that were specific to the category a much needed refresh. I decided to incorporate more of a fun element into the design with the cartoon like graphics. The table at the bottom also needed a refresh to make the offers clearer to the customer

Launch Site

Tesco Pix

The brief was to not only to redesign the Tesco in-house image library but to restructure the navigation as it was both confusing and often misleading.

Tesco More Online Stores

The brief was design a page for all the other stores that are part of Tesco but weren't obviously accessible from the old Tesco homepage.

Launch site

Tesco Deal Of The Day

The brief was to design a page for the new deal available at Tesco every day. Large fresh imagery using a simple template was decided upon and the product information was pulled in from a spreadsheet thus avoiding the need for a coder to have to regularly update the information

Launch site

Tesco Store Locator

This was a complete redesign which would now incorporate MS Virtual Earth Map technology. This meant all the navigational elements, custom store locator icons, a search box, a loading icon as well as designing and making all the icons for each store's facilities.

Launch site

Tesco Photo Centre

The brief was for a new department within Tesco. The price points and benefits to the customer were of paramount importance, and the ease with which the service could be used had to be clear.

Launch site

Tesco Electricals

This is an example of what would have been a weekly brief, the middle content offers would change on a regular basis, the challenge was to keep the page looking fresh and appealing whilst only changing products shots and colours.

Tesco Childrens Bookshelf

The brief was to design a page that would be used by both parent and child. I decided to go for a completely different look to anything else on the site, bringing a 'fun' element to the page. The spines of the books on the shelves were all navigable, this was done by making image maps and creating all the imagery from scratch and creating the 3D effect and the fridge magnet type lettering.

Tesco Clubcard

The brief was for a complete redesign, which involved new pages, navigational elements, all graphics. I was also responsible for all the developmental work that went into the customer interface pages of the site.