Pete Lukas - Web Design & Graphic Design

Seven O'Clock Junkies

The client, a musician wanted a simple site that would coincide with the release of a CD. I decided to make the navigation and graphics very simple and clean. As part of the job I made all the sound clips from the original CD.

Launch site

Karl Watkins

The client, a director of photography wanted a site that would for its basis use the different elements of his showreel which was in DVD form. The only visual point of reference I had from the client was his business card, from which he wished to use the black and red elements. He also wanted a comprehensive CV in both HTML and downloadable PDF form. I was also responsible for the photography and creating the film clips from the DVD. The challenge with making the clips was for the file sizes to be small enough to reduce download time without compromising image quality.

Launch site

Totally VW

The client wanted to create a VW enthusiasts site, which would fill a gap in the market, whereby people could upload products for sale, and revenue would be generated by advertising. As well as designing the site I created it using Dreamweaver. Unfortunately the client decided not to go ahead with the venture, but I've decided to show it as part of my portfolio.

Launch site

ADD Motorsport

The client had developed technology for use in racing cars and was keen to create a site detailing the design and benefits of their product. I decided to use a metallic feel in the design to create the feeling of machinery and speed.